Supporting Artists in Need

The current pandemic has affected the creative community deeply with virtually all work in the arts ceasing in early March. While learning to ride the waves of financial uncertainty is part of life as an artist, it appears this particular trough will persist indefinitely and it is going to be a long time between shows, concerts and exhibitions. For a great many this is compounded by the loss of those casual jobs that allowed them to maintain their creative practice.

On top of the usual work they do supporting the members of our community who, for a variety of reasons may be struggling, The Actors Benevolent Trusts in each state are working hard to provide support to arts workers that are doing it tough at this time. For the arts in Australia this is a situation that is unprecedented so if you can afford to lend some support please visit the sites of the Actors Benevolent Trusts in your state or give what you can by hitting the button below. Your donations will be passed on to the trusts in each state on a pro rata basis. Thanks.